I suppose that considering this is my first time writing for this blog, I should introduce myself and this blog. I am Nisa (on the Internet at least), a university student from England. Having had a healthy interest in reading and writing since an early age, I’ve come to believe that there are few experiences that quite beat the first time you pick up a book and come to know it’s characters and settings; it’s an experience that is all too fleeting, as anyone who has wished that they could look on their favourites with fresh eyes can attest to. So it’s my intent to use this as a review blog, noting down reactions and questions that come up chapter by chapter. If anyone reading this has already read the book I am currently on, then you are very welcome to comment and discuss events or characters, ad nauseum, my only request being that you keep spoilers for the rest of the book/series to yourself; there is little more disappointing than having the ending spoiled.

Not wishing to keep you waiting any longer, my next post will be my first review for “House of Leaves” by Mark Z. Danielewski. I look forward to seeing where this book and (hopefully) many others after it will take me.

Signing off,