Hey guys, again sorry for the long wait between updates. Uni has been a bit hectic recently. Thankfully I have a bit of a break, so I should make some headway into the rest of this. Anyway, last time we were focusing on Tom and his mental collapse at the top of the stairs. My bet is that Tom won’t be found alive in this chapter.
Although, considering that the quotation at the top of the chapter is one about how sometimes people can go missing without ever being found, Tom’s fate will probably never be known….. Fun.
So Navidson and Reston get back to the base of the stairs and Tom isn’t there like they agreed. They’re all in pretty bad shape (and they seem to be bringing Jed’s body with them, which seems a tad pointless to me to be honest) so I imagine they aren’t going to be too happy with him. Until the rope comes down. So he is still there. Probably.
So instead of meeting them at the bottom, he’s made a gurney on a pulley system. Which is pretty damn good really. It’s all going swimmingly until Reston’s being pulled up and suddenly the scale changes, growing exponentially, yet somehow Reston still keeps going up to the top. Which doesn’t make sense by the laws of physics, so maybe he’s actually gone down instead. Nope, he is going up, but Navidson is stuck at the bottom now. But the staircase has lengthened beyond the scope of the rope, so it’s snapped. Fun.
Now, an interjection from Johnny. Frankly, a lot of his stuff is actually scarier than the main narrative, mainly because the main narrative doesn’t have the same sort of paranoia to it, which is generally scarier to read about than axe-crazies like Holloway. Anyway, Johnny goes to work for the first time in 3 weeks to find they’ve replaced him, unsurprisingly really, but he’s not all that bothered. He goes back to his apartment which is beginning to sound legitimately crazy now: egg boxes soundproofing the room, tin foil stapled to the windows to block out the sun etc. That’s rather worrying, even if I have considered soundproofing my room so that idiot in the next flat will be silenced for once. Anyway, despite these precautions, he’s still getting these attacks of paranoia about this weird monster thingy. And he suddenly remembers something, I can’t remember what that was now as he’s rambled on to a rather graphic description of a sinking ship. Ah, yeah, it was that girl that he had a one night stand with who she said had met him in Texas. Sorry, that ramble was truly epic in length, about 3 pages in one sentence.
Anyway, back to the main narrative, where the rope holding up the gurney Reston is in has just snapped. Again I say: fun. Thankfully Reston is saved from being a splat on the floor below by Tom catching the rope before the gurney drops. From what the footnotes have just said, the staircase is now between 27,273 and 54,545 miles deep, which is longer than the circumferance of the Earth. I somehow doubt Navidson is going to get back up to the top any time soon. He has food for about 3 days. But then I really doubt he’ll be able to climb that in 3 days. 3 years maybe, but he doesn’t have that long in all honesty. And now the film’s run out, as if things couldn’t get worse. And it ends there……….excuse me while I scream in frustration and rage at it. Why end it there?!?!

Well, I at least have some time to get back into reading this, what with reading week now. Hopefully it’ll explain just how Navidson is going to do this, as there’s been references to his survival after the main narrative, so he’s got to get back. I predict that he’ll end up meeting Holloway again down there and be forced to put the crazy bugger out of his misery. At least that’s what I hope will happen. You can probably tell I’m not a big fan of Holloway.

Signing off,