Hey guys, long time no see, huh? My stuff with uni is almost finished for this year, so I’ll finally have some proper time off to blog more often. I might slow down again after Easter, seeing as I have exams, but they seem to be over pretty quickly in all honesty.
Anyway, on to this chapter, which I’ve decided will be the exhibits one to six, seeing as they don’t seem all that long in total. Quite what they’ll add to what I’ve already read, but I remain hopeful.
We start with a note from Johnny explaining what the exhibits are in general. So far, very academic. Apparently, these are instructions for exhibits that Zampano would have added, had he lived long enough.
Exhibit one is concerned with providing examples of architecture over various different periods and floor-plans (of the house?). This one seems a bit out of place, seeing as the descriptions of the house always have the creepy bit having no architectural features other than the absolutely necessary (when it was being mind-friendly in any case) and the non-creepy part doesn’t change architectural style, so this exhibit seems overall rather pointless. Off to a good start then.
Exhibit two would have provided the reader with examples of hand shadows, presumably relating back to Tom’s stay in the house. Sounds vaguely interesting, but again a bit pointless, seeing as you can find hand shadow pictures fairly easily, I’d imagine.
Exhibit three would have shown all the technical stuff about the carbon-dating they did on the samples of the house, the folder for which is missing anyway. Probably a good thing really.
Exhibit four would have re-printed the Reston Interview and the Last Interview, both of which are missing. Considering the number of quotes we got from it, we probably don’t lose much by not having it to be honest.
Exhibit five seems to be instructions to duplicate some pages from an Air Force manual, which apparently does turn up in one of the appendices. Quite what it’s for, I have no clue. If anyone remembers anything that this would relate to, please tell me because I’m at a loss here.
The last exhibit is a recreation of Karen’s anxiety/phobia test before the Navidson Record, which also turns up in the appendices. Probably quite interesting, but we’ll have to wait and see really.

And that’s the exhibits section done. That was unceremoniously short. I feel like I didn’t do it particularly well, as there wasn’t really much to discuss about it. Hopefully the appendices will be a different story. Anyway, it’s nice to be back.

Signing off,