Hey guys, I’m back and raring to go with the next chapter of The Prince of Mist. Now that I’ve finally been handed a mystery to sink my teeth into, I’m really looking forward to see how things unfold. So last time Max and Alicia went diving with Roland and found out the strange story of the Orpheus, and Irina has been attacked (in a sense) by an unknown creature whom her cat has allied itself to.
The chapter starts with Max, Alicia and Roland arriving back home, with the immediate knowledge that something is wrong. We then find out from Mr Carver that Irina’s tumble down the stairs has induced a coma, so they’re just waiting for the ambulance to arrive for them to take her to hospital. She must have really landed badly to give her head that serious a knock. Although I suppose we won’t know how serious until we find out how long the coma lasts for. Because of Irina’s condition, the parents decide to spend the night with her in the hospital. I can’t even begin to imagine what that must be like for Mr and Mrs Carver, to be in danger of losing their daughter. Considering the house’s previous death, it makes you wonder if the house itself is cursed or whether Max has actually brought something in from the statue garden.
And thus begins the wait for news, with Roland electing to stay with Max and Alicia for the night. Eventually the phone rings and we find out that Irina’s still in a coma but that the doctors are hopeful that she’ll recover. With that news, they attend to perhaps the most basic of human needs: food. Fair dues, they probably haven’t eaten yet. Not quite so sure about the suggestion to go swimming. True, they agree that none of them will be getting any sleep that night, but swimming? Really? In any case, Roland and Alicia go swimming, while Max stays in the house moping about the chemistry that the other two share. Seems a bit quick really, but I suppose young love is like that sometimes. From there he goes on to consider the war that’s currently ongoing. Quite how he makes that jump, I’m not sure.
Later, they gather on the beach, where Max reveals the suspicions that he has regarding the star symbol and the weird events that they’ve experienced in under a week. He reveals that he re-watched Jacob’s film and that the statues definitely have moved between when they were filmed and when he saw them, just like I predicted; excuse me while I sit and feel smug. As the chapter ends, Roland reveals that he too has had dreams involving the clown statue, ever since he was 5 years old, so at this point they decide to talk to his grandfather about the circus he was following. I’m looking forward to this now.

So a fairly slow chapter, just bringing together what we already know and sorting out a plan of action for later. Overall, a chance for readers to catch their breath.

Signing off,