Well guys, final chapter of the book. Only the narrator and Tjaden left now. And it’s only two pages long. I’m presuming this means that the ending will be fairly quick and painless, which I hope will be the same case with the format. I think I might fiddle around with the layout to celebrate as well, so hopefully you’ll come back, see my overall review and a shiny new layout to go with it. Last chapter was basically more death than the rest of the book put together.
So the majority of this chapter is talking about the rumours of an armistice and an end to the war. The basic idea seems to be that they as a group won’t be able to handle the idea that the end of the war isn’t happening. There’s a lot of negativity, mainly about whether people like the narrator will be able to handle life without war, as it is what they have essentially spent their first years as adults doing. But then there’s also a lot of hope there, with the narrator hoping to regain some of the love that he used to regard his home with, the hope that the person he was is still in there somewhere, which I really like.
Except that it’s all for nothing, as he’s just died. Well, that whole paragraph that I wrote there has been made completely and utterly futile. Oh well, it says that he didn’t suffer, which I suppose is nice. I’m a bit annoyed that it was quite so abrupt, but I suppose that’s to be expected, seeing as it wasn’t deemed important in-story either.

So yeah, there’ll be a new review coming up some time later today and hopefully a new layout to reflect the change in format.

Signing off,