Hey guys. It’s been a while, huh? This is just an update letting you know that the review of Master and Commander is going to be a while in coming, for several reasons that I will now spell out for you:

  1. This is the period before I hand in my dissertations, as well as a few other essays, so I am a tad busy. 
  2. Any time not spent writing is being spent at work experience. 
  3. After all the writing is done, it’s prep for exams. 
  4. When I was being picked up to go back home with the parents, I accidentally forgot to pack Master and Commander, so even if I did have the time, I don’t actually have it here with me. 
  5. Master and Commander is kind of a slow read anyway. I’m struggling with the terminology. 
I’m really sorry for the delay, as I can’t see any new content being uploaded until the end of April at the very earliest (and even that’s a stretch). I was thinking of jazzing up my layout though, so you have that to look forward to instead? 
Afterwards, I’ll probably have more time for reading though, so the updates should come faster at the very least. 
Signing off,